Apprentices are Future Proofing the Insurance Sector

Issue 17 - Summer 2021


We are living through a time of rapid and significant change - technology and innovation are shaping the insurance sector and radicalising insurance solutions – in order to stay relevant insurance companies and their staff need to be educated and informed. These changes, coupled with large scale retirements, which will lead to an exodus of institutional knowledge, means the insurance industry could face a skills shortage in the future.



The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship was set up as a way to future proof the insurance sector – it allows insurance companies to find the right talent for their business, but it also provides a structure so that the apprentices are trained to the highest standard. The programme gives the apprentices the skills they need not just for today, but for the future of insurance.


Once they have completed the programme apprentices will have the following invaluable skills:




Let’s Hear from the Apprentices

“I’m delighted I took the plunge to take on the apprenticeship, it has opened my eyes to the world of insurance and the huge variety of roles available within the sector.”

“I feel that the prospects for my career are really promising and I’ll have plenty of options when I qualify later this year.”

Tracy O’Keefe
Third Year Insurance Practitioner Apprentice with Thornton Group

“Having the chance to ‘earn and learn’ enabled me to support myself financially. It allowed me to work full time, but also study for a degree. This wasn’t something I would have thought possible, and thanks to the programme I graduated last year and gained my BA Hons in Insurance Practice, and all while remaining financially independent.”

Chloe Oram
Insurance Practitioner Graduate, Marsh Ireland

“The apprenticeship enables you to move within the business and gives the apprentice the opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of areas. The chance to have on the job experience within each department is one of my favourite elements of the programme.”

Francesca Fitzsimons,
Second Year Insurance Practitioner Apprentice, FBD Insurance

“The apprenticeship has not only grown my expertise in the field, but it has allowed me to network within my own company and across Insurers. The programme has boosted my confidence with making work related decisions with the backup of experience and knowledge. It has given me all the skills I need to do my job to the best of my ability.”

Lee O’Rourke
Second Year, Insurance Practitioner Apprentice, Thornton and Partners

“The apprenticeship provides the perfect training ground for your development – the academic element with IT Sligo, along with real work experience means that every day you are putting into practice what you’re learning from your studies.”

“I love working in insurance. There is always a new challenge on the horizon that contributes to your development as a professional. If you are willing to work hard to achieve something in insurance, the opportunity is always there to do so.”

Ben Flood
Third Year Insurance Practitioner Apprentice, Marsh Ireland

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