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Apprentice Insurance Broker


Company Description

OMW Insurance are a General & Life Insurance brokerage based in Ballincollig, Co Cork. We have been helping our customers look after their Insurance needs for several years. We have a reputation for reliability and efficient and are committed to our customers.


About the Apprentice programme

We are looking for an ambitious and talented individual who shows the potential to develop into a high performing business professional. This opportunity is a three year fixed term contract apprentice scheme that provides exposure to all aspects of our business, allowing you to develop your technical expertise as well as professional skills.

While on the programme, in addition to gaining on the job insurance experience, you will complete the insurance industry qualifications APA and CIP/QFA as well as a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Insurance Practice which is Level 8 on the NFQ awarded by IT Sligo.

When you join OMW Insurance you will receive a tailored induction and will be assigned a business supervisor and mentor to provide support throughout the scheme.

We will work with you to enable you to reach your development goals and aspirations for your career at OMW Insurance. In return, we expect you to bring the commitment and drive to add significant value to the company.


Main Duties/Responsibilities

As an apprentice broker you will gain in-depth knowledge of risks and the insurance market in order to arrange suitable policies & cover for your clients. You will learn how to be an effective intermediary between our clients and insurance companies.

  • Gather information from your clients, assessing their insurance needs and risk profile
  • Research insurance companies’ policies and negotiate with underwriters to find the most suitable insurance for your clients at the best price
  • Ensure that your clients understand the terms and the extent of the cover provided in line with industry regulations
  • Foresee your clients’ insurance needs, such as policy renewals or amendments
  • Advise your clients on whether and when they need to make a claim on their policies
  • Arrange specialised types of insurance cover in complex cases: this may involve preparing reports for insurance underwriters and surveyors and negotiating with insurers
  • Advise clients on risk management and help to devise new ways to mitigate risks, for example, by adding security measures such as fencing, surveillance cameras or lighting to commercial properties to reduce the likelihood of a break-in
  • Build and maintain ongoing relationships with clients
  • Keep detailed records and complete administrative tasks such as paperwork and correspondence
  • develop relationships with underwriters, surveyors, structural engineers and other professionals
  • Keep up with changes in the insurance market and in your clients’ industries.


Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Be focused, diligent, committed to work and studying for a level 8 education programme at the same time
  • Be able to communicate effectively (in both written and verbal form)
  • Be willing to be part of a team
  • Be committed to the customer
  • Take ownership & accountability for own actions and responsibilities
  • Have attention to detail and time management
  • Have the ability to manage own work load
  • Have strong relationship building skills
  • Have aptitude to make real time decisions based on changing information
  • Have good negotiation and problem solving skills.


Benefits of Working in OMW Insurance

  • Competitive salary
  • Discounted insurance products
  • Education and development support through mentoring and supervision
  • Employee assistance programme offering confidential advice and support
  • Free parking
  • Convenient location


Interested applicants should ask themselves the following key questions before applying:

  • Do I meet the minimum entry level requirements?
  • Can I commit to a three year contract of apprenticeship?
  • Do I have the self-motivation and time management skills to study at a BA (Hons) level and work at the same time?
  • Can I be diligent and committed to all aspects of work, training and education?
  • Do I have the ability to communicate effectively both with customers and in a team?
  • Can I take ownership and accountability for my own actions and responsibilities?
  • Can I contribute €600 annually for three years (reduced student registration charge)?

Applications for the position should be made, enclosing a full CV, to

Application submission deadline date: 30th April, 2019