The Management Diploma in Insurance is changing

We're making changes to how the Management Diploma in Insurance (MDI) is assessed. Over this year and next, we will move away from exam-based assessment to a mixed and continuous assessment model.

MDI-07, 08 and 09* will change first with registrations open from Tuesday 21st May - Friday 28th June only.
PLEASE NOTE that registrations for the Summer semester have now closed. 
*See below for a full breakdown of modules and key dates.

What's changing and when...

Changes will be introduced on a phased basis, with the advanced level modules (07, 08 & 09) changing first, followed by compulsory diploma level (01 & 02) and product diploma level (04, 05, 06 & 10) modules.

PLEASE NOTE that once modules move to the new assessment method, they will have a defined registration period, after which the semester will open and access to learning supports will be given.


  Advanced Claims Management (MDI-07)

Continuous Assessment - 3 assignments over 21 weeks

  Advanced Underwriting Management (MDI-08) Continuous Assessment - 3 assignments over 21 weeks
  Advanced Risk Management (MDI-09) Continuous Assessment - 3 assignments over 21 weeks

Assignments due at weeks 7, 14 & 21.

16th August, 4th October and 22nd November. 

A breakdown of the 21 week semester is available to download here


  Insurance and Business Law (MDI-01)

Mixed Assessment - 1 assignment and 1 exam over 16 weeks

  Insurance Business Environment (MDI-02) Mixed Assessment - 1 assignment and 1 exam over 16 weeks



  Motor Insurance (MDI-04) Mixed Assessment - 1 assignment and 1 exam over 16 weeks
  Liability Insurance (MDI-05) Mixed Assessment - 1 assignment and 1 exam over 16 weeks



  Commercial Property and Business Interruption Insurance (MDI-06) Mixed Assessment - 1 assignment and 1 exam over 16 weeks
  Life Assurance and Pension Administration (MDI-10) Mixed Assessment - 1 assignment and 1 exam over 16 weeks

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We believe that the new methods of assessment will allow us to more accurately teach and test the knowledge and skills required of a modern insurance professional. We also believe that the mixed and continuous assessment methods better suit the needs of part-time students, balancing work, study and personal commitments.
Starting with MDI 07, 08 & 09 in Summer 2019, all modules will move to mixed assessment by Autumn 2020.

Advanced level modules (07, 08 & 09)

There will be no more exam sittings for these modules. These modules will move to continuous assessment in Summer 2019. If you need to repeat one of these modules, you will repeat on a continuous assessment basis. 


Compulsory diploma-level modules (01 & 02)

The last exam-only sitting for these modules will open for registrations in May 2019, with the final exam taking place in November 2019.


Product diploma-level modules (04 & 05)

The last exam-only sitting for these modules will open for registrations in November 2019, with the final exam taking place in May 2020. As of May 2019, two exam sittings remain – November 2019 and May 2020.


Product diploma-level modules (06 & 10)

The last exam-only sitting for these modules will open for registrations in May 2020, with the final exam taking place in November 2020. As of May 2019, three exam sittings remain – November 2019, May 2020 and November 2020.

Advanced Diploma modules (07, 08 & 09) are scheduled over a 21-week term. A face-to-face induction will be held in week 1 with attendance expected at six 1.5-hour live online tutorials throughout the duration of the module. Live online workshops will also be provided in advance of each of the 3 assignment submissions. 

All other modules are 16-week terms and further details on their schedules will be provided nearer their launch dates.

MDI is moving to a blended learning delivery, combining on-demand supports with online live classes along with a face-to-face induction session.

MDI 01, 02, 04, 05 & 06 will consist of an assignment and MCQ exam. MDI 07, 08 & 09 will consist of 3 written assignments.

The pass mark for diploma modules is 60% for the assignment and 65% for the MCQ exam. 

For the advanced modules the pass mark is 50%. Each assessment must be passed in order to be successful in the module.

There will also be on-demand learning supports available on Connect to support students completing their assignments or exams.

For the advanced diploma level modules these will include:
• Research support guide
• Assignment guide
• Referencing and anti-plagiarism guide
• Reading lists
• Sample assignment and guideline answers

Students will still be allocated a core textbook for study. However, success in the advanced modules will require students to undertake further reading and independent research beyond the core textbook. Various learning supports, including suggestions for further reading and virtual library, can be found on The Insurance Institute’s online learning management system Connect.

Yes, you will be awarded CPD credits for each assessment you successfully complete. A total of 8 CPD hours is allocated to each module.

Students who successfully complete the MDI programme can attain 135 CII credits as they work toward their ACII qualification. Credits can only be claimed on successful completion of the MDI qualification and not on a module-per-module basis. As of August 2018, students are awarded 30 credits max per MDI advanced module and 25 credits max for compulsory and product modules. Students can use a maximum of 210 credits from another institution (outside of the CII) to achieve their ACII designation with the CII. 

The changes in delivery will not affect your ability to progress through the programme. 

The content, delivery and assessment of the programme has been redesigned to enhance your technical knowledge and develop key management skills such as critical thinking, report writing, research and problem solving. These changes provide for a more flexible assessment method with streamlined delivery to fit the needs of a modern-day insurance professional.

Registration will close before week 1 of the semester starts. Students will not be allowed to register late during the semester. This is to ensure that you will have adequate time to prepare for your assignments as they are focused on 3 blocks of 7 week periods in which there will be an induction, online workshops and tutorials to support students. 

The leap from CIP to MDI is often bigger than students expect. For this reason, we recommend that you begin with one of the compulsory diploma-level modules (01 & 02).

Post-exam data has shown that first-time MDI students tend to be more successful in these modules and less successful when they begin with an advanced module. The assessment of the advanced modules requires higher levels of critical thinking and application, as well as a commitment to independent research and a good standard of business writing.

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PLEASE NOTE that registrations for the Summer semester have now closed.

PLEASE NOTE that registrations are now closed.


If you have any questions about the upcoming changes and how they might affect you, please contact our Member Services team at the details below. or 01 645 6670.