Local Institute AGMs (11 to 18 April)

Members are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting of their Local Institute.  Click on your Local Institute below to see full details of the meeting.

Members wishing to attend, or have their apologies noted, should RSVP at least 2 days in advance of the meeting to the email address provided.

Those attending should arrive at least 10 minutes before scheduled start time. 


The Insurance Institute of Ireland AGM (25 April)

The Annual General Meeting of The Insurance Institute of Ireland will be held on:

  • Date: Tuesday, 25 April
  • Time: 5:00pm

  • Location: 5 Harbourmaster Place, IFSC, Dublin 1
1. Apologies 
2. Minutes of the AGM held on 26 April 2022

3. Address by the Chief Executive

4. Financial Statements of The Insurance Institute of Ireland 2022

- Report by the Institute's Finance Spokesperson & Chair of the Remuneration Committee

- Report by Auditors: Mazars

5. Appointment & Remuneration of the Auditors

6. To receive, consider, and where necessary, vote on matters brought forward by Members
7. Outgoing President's Address to Members
8. Noting of the Appointment of  The Insurance Institute of Ireland Deputy President 2023-2024
9. Appointment of The Insurance Institute of Ireland Board (Executive Committee) 2023-2024
10. Noting of Nominations of Local Institute Representatives to National Council 2023-2024
11. Investiture of Incoming President of The Insurance Institute of Ireland 2023-2024
12. Incoming President's Address to Members
13. Any Other Business

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Confirm your attendance by email to Frank Craven, Company Secretary, The Insurance Institute of Ireland.