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with the Higher Diploma in Insurance Management.


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Plant the Seed. Watch Your Growth.

At The Insurance Institute, we have a programme to suit each stage of your career path.

To celebrate the launch of our advanced qualification, the Higher Diploma in Insurance Management, we’ve teamed up with Wolfgang Reforest so now you can do some good for the environment as well as your career.

As part of this initiative, we will plant a tree this October for every single member who signs up for our Higher Diploma programme from the start of June 2021 until the semester closes in July.

What Are People Saying About it?


Claire McAroe

Keystone Insurance

If you see yourself in a long-term career in the industry then I’d definitely recommend this learning experience so far.


Michelle Nee

AXA Insurance

Completing the assignments gave me a deeper understanding of the material. You have to apply the theory to the question, rather than just learn the material and forget it once the exam is done!


Kenny McDonnell

Self-employed Claims Adjuster

Personally, I found the mixed assessment structure more enjoyable, easier to manage and more importantly, a lot more practical. It is a more realistic approach to learning for the workplace and the fact that I did not have to memorise large chunks of information for the purpose of rewriting into a written exam makes a lot more sense.


Brian Curtis

Managing Director, Willis Towers Watson

I think it is a great advancement that we don’t just have the ACII as the only available exam qualification and that other options are now available


Sean McGrath

CEO, Allianz Ireland

The early stage qualifications are about acquiring knowledge and information but as students move up, it becomes more about the application of the knowledge, about problem solving and about critical thinking. These skills are essential as we seek to develop future leaders in an ever-changing world


Linda Gallagher

President, The Insurance Institute

The assignment system forces you to space out your efforts over the full term of the programme, leading to a much better and more rewarding student experience.